Personal Projects and Development Link to heading

Fedora (Linux) Project Contributor Link to heading

Fedora user and contributor since 2012

Contributor to testing/QA and also packaging

Member of the Go(lang) Special Interest Group responsible for maintaing Go language support and packages in Fedora

Cantera: Chemical kinetics, thermodynamics, and transport tool suite Link to heading

Former user of and contributor to Cantera: - Packaging for Fedora (and unofficial for openSUSE) - Code contributions - Lurking on the user group and GitHub mailing lists

Additional details of related work are available on my academic webpage

LaTeX Packages and Templates Link to heading

moderncv Link to heading

Contributor and maintainer for the moderncv class for preparing CVs, resumes, and cover letters

businesscard-qrcode Link to heading

Development of a fork for generating business cards with QR codes to embed full contact details as a vcard or mecard format, recognized by modern smartphones

Templates for Research Papers, Posters, and Presentations Link to heading

Poster and slide templates to develop conference presentations as well as paper templates for the European and Israeli Combustion Meetings