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I am currently a DevOps/MLOps engineer working at Mobileye in Jerusalem, Israel, but be assured that I can actually engineer just about anything:

In my prior lives, I’ve worked as a mechanical engineer for the United States Navy (Newport, RI, USA), earned a Master’s degree in mechanical engineering (Cornell University), a Ph.D. in chemical engineering (Brown University), been a postdoctoral researcher (RWTH Aachen University, Germany), and a lab manager (Technion, Israel), besides getting loaned out for some guest research work (ICARE - CNRS, Orleans, France and Argonne National Laboratory, USA).

If you are curious about my academic and research career, I encourage you to look at my old website

For me, all of this has been a very natural transition: since completing my doctorate, I increasingly put my time into engineering the infrastructure of research rather than focusing on conducting it myself with an emphasis on increasing automation, reliability, and reproducibility.

This has led me to develop both an interest and a skillset in automation and solving the engineering challenges that underly efficiently conducting and translating research to publishable results and production.

I am also active in open-source software and am a contributor to both Fedora and Debian Linux. Relevant links are available under projects.

If you happen to stumble across this page and think it’d be worth getting in touch, my contact information is on the main page. Please use the PGP key provided in the contact section to encrypt any emails.